The signing-in for sidecars for the MA-Run 2020 is not activated at this time.

On Saturday 19th of September 2020 we will again have our Maria Auxiliatrix Run. As usual edition number 34 will be the splendid result of much mental and preparatory work. We would like to know if we may rely on your participation. If so, please renew your online registration after may 1 th on
Have you already been with us in prior years, then you will recieve a mailnotification at the time the registratiion URL will be activated again.

It goes without saying that you will be more than welcome to the premises of Stichting Zorggroep Limburg, Auxiliatrixweg 35, 5915 PN Venlo on Thursday or Friday. Camping sites will be at your disposal there and for free.

This year we are selling again M.A. sponsor T-shirts (see Example in registration form). The cost of a T-shirt is 10 Euro each. Extra person(s) coming along with you as sidecar rider, we ask 5,00euro each for lunch and bbq. All is payed for online at registration, the T-shirt(s) can be picked up at the Info-stand in the tent on the Park.

Do not hesitate to ask your questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

With kind regards,  



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